Lightning Baccarat

In Lightning Baccarat, players bet on Player, Banker, Tie and side bets, just as they would in standard Baccarat. Though in Lightning Baccarat every game round features 1–5 randomly generated Lightning Cards.

These cards are drawn from a virtual 52-card deck and comes with multipliers. If a player wins on a hand and has one or more matching Lightning Cards, the winnings could be multiplied up to more than 250 000 times!

Lightning Baccarat follows the traditional baccarat gameplay, but with the addition of the Lightning feature. You can place common baccarat bets such as a bet on the Banker, Player, Tie as well as side bets. In every game round of Lightning Baccarat, 1 to 5 cards, called the lightning cards, will be randomly generated from a 52-card deck.

These generated numbers will have associated multipliers and if you can win a hand that includes one or more of the lightning cards, you will get up to 230,000x your winnings.

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