Live Casino

Live casino games are one of the most exciting additions to online casinos.

These games take the fun elements of being in a real, land-based casino, but transfer this to the online platform.

These games are set up to mimic those of a land-based casino as they have real people dealing the games.

Players at home simply tune in to the live feed that’s streamed to the casino.

In this way, it’s possible to get that more interactive casino vibe, while still sitting in the comfort of your own home.

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Play casino with real live dealers

Live games are set up in studios that essentially look like a real casino floor. The different tables are set out and each one is manned by a croupier. These tables will also have pit bosses monitoring the action to ensure the dealers are playing fairly.

Each table is covered by a number of different cameras, catching the action and streaming this directly to the players who are at home. Players can then use a virtual screen to make their bets. They can interact with the other players and the dealer through a live chat too.

Exclusive games

What’s really exciting about live games is that, while there are many games that can be played in a land-based casino, there are also exclusive games. As the popularity of live games has increased, more providers are creating unique live game experiences.

Some of the more unusual exclusive live games include wheel of fortune-style games such as Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. Other games that can only be found in this format include various TV show games like Deal or No Deal. Providers have also created exclusive options within more commonly found table games such as Side Bet City.

Classic live casino games

Live Roulette

Live roulette is an exciting version of the virtual game. It combines the exhilaration of the land-based casino game, with the ease and comfort of sitting at home. There are a number of different options when it comes to playing live roulette too. You can actually play various different versions while making some exciting bets that can be potentially lucrative. Live roulette also gives you a wider range of betting options.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a truly exciting way to enjoy a game of blackjack from the comfort of home while also getting to interact with other players. The live game combines the best of both worlds in an exciting online gaming opportunity. It’s also the perfect way to get better at the game, getting tips from other players as you can chat with them as you play.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a swift, entertaining and increasingly famous casino game. With its fair odds and real-life dealers, you can expect to have fun in its best form. Among all the games you can play in a casino, Baccarat is unquestionably one of high prestige and exclusivity. Moreover, most players think Baccarat is challenging, which is not accurate. Baccarat is indeed one of the most accessible games to play in any casino setting. Read along; let’s show you why!

New live games

Live Craps

Out of the many gambling options out there, live craps games are one of the more unusual, being played with dice rather than cards. Gambling with real money is legal in Canada, which is good news. Casino gamblers can play the game live, set the stakes that they prefer and, if they are lucky, win big. In many online casinos that host live games, players can play craps with a live dealer.

Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette from Evolution is another unique take on live roulette variants. This version is a European roulette and follows all the same rules you would expect from this game. However, where this game differs is in the way the table and wheel are covered. There are multiple camera angles helping you to really get into the game. There are even slo-mo shots and a stunning background to add to it all.

Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is an exciting speedy version of blackjack found at a growing number of live casinos. This is a game perfect for those who like a quick turnaround on hands. What makes this game even better is that faster players are prioritized with cards dealt to them first. This reduces any of that annoying wait time that some of the other live blackjack games have.

Other Games

Lightning Roulette

Evolution has brought the big guns with their live Lightning Roulette game. This follows the same rules as European roulette, but it offers a couple of twists along the way. Not only does it have the standard gameplay features common to the European wheel, but it also adds in a special feature. This additional feature is there to help you get some of those extra big wins.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack is an exciting blackjack version from Evolution. The game has the edge over some of the other live versions of the game. This is because there’s no need to wait for a seat. Instead, all players will share the same two cards initially, playing against the dealer. This makes it easy to simply join on the fly. To make this game even more appealing, it has one of the highest RTPs out there, set at an impressive 99.47%.

Super Sic Bo

There are several reasons you should play Super Sic Bo. One of these reasons is the fantastic rewards it offers. Unlike baccarat and blackjack with smaller offers but steady wins, Super Sic Bo allows you to win enormous prizes. Players who are comfortable with little routine wins also have a lot to enjoy from this game, as Super Sic Bo provides bets with much smaller odds. Another reason to play Super Sic Bo is that it is an entertaining game!

Getting started

If you’re looking to get started with playing at live casinos, the first thing you need to do is to get an account with a casino. You will need to carefully pick the casino you play at making sure that it is licensed and regulated offering safe and fair gaming. Once you’ve found a good casino, you will need to create an account, providing accurate information at sign-up. Finally, you will then need to attach a payment method to your account and make a deposit of real money in order to get playing.

Step 1: Choose game

Once you’ve got your account, and it’s got some money in it, the next step is to choose the type of game you want to play. Live dealer games have a lot of options including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and various types of poker. The type of game you choose will depend on you and your preferences. You should be considering whether you want a more challenging, skill-based game like poker, or whether you want to play something that owes its wins more to luck, such as roulette.

Step 2: Pick an alias/nickname

Once you’ve chosen a game, you can then head to the game lobby and actually enter the room. However, as you enter, you will be required to choose and input a name or alias. This is done so that the live dealer knows who you are and can refer to you during the gameplay. You should choose a nickname that’s relevant to you and one that you will remember to answer too! Names should not be rude or offensive as this can get you kicked out of the game.

Step 3: Place your bets

Once you’re at the table, it’s time to actually start placing those bets. Depending on your budget, you need to then select an appropriate starting bet. Make sure that you have chosen a table that meets your budget needs and that you aren’t playing at a table where the minimum bet is too high. Once you place your bets — you do this via your virtual screen — it’s time to wait for the dealer to make the necessary actions and for the game to start the next round.

What are live casino games and how do they work?

In order to play live games, you really don’t need much from the player side of things. These days, live games can be played on both mobile and desktop devices. Really, all you need is to have a strong internet connection so that the video feed can stream smoothly without interruption.

There’s nothing worse than being in mid-game and having the internet cut out during an important betting moment. You’ll need to be able to see your screen clearly though, as the way you place your bets and interact with the dealer is all through a virtual interface overlaid on the live video stream.

From the actual studio’s side of things, these games are all run in massive studios that are set up essentially the same as a casino floor. The only difference here is that there are no people.

Each dealer will be looking at a series of cameras, complete with a microphone so that they can talk to you and the other players whilst operating the game. High-quality HD cameras are a must here, as all the action needs to be captured and streamed for all the players.

The technology behind live casino

To continue on with the topic of technology, most live games will actually have more than one camera per game. Cameras will cover the actual table, the hands of the dealer or the wheel if the game is roulette. Some games will also have close-up cameras — you can usually find this out from the type of game you choose to play.

The dealer, as we mentioned, will have a microphone so that they can be heard by the players at home. But, not only that, they will also have a series of monitors for them to look at during the game. It’s on these monitors that any messages you write in the live chat will come up for them to read.

In this way, they can keep their hands free so that they can deal or spin the wheel, but still answer any queries you have or just engage in general chit-chat. It can be quite complex and with that in mind, dealers are usually changed every half an hour to ensure that all the dealers are operating to the best of their ability.


Live Casino game developers

There are a growing number of live game software developers out there. Some are more famous than others. For instance, without a doubt, the biggest name in live gaming is Evolution. This company has been around for a while now, and is at the forefront of offering up new and exclusive live games.

They have a range of standard live games, but are also responsible for bringing in the more unusual options such as Dream Catcher, Gonzo’s Quest Live Treasure Hunt and Monopoly Live.

Other big names in the live dealer world include Pragmatic Play and Playtech, both of which offer a number of stellar live table games. Ezugi is another up-and-comer that takes the time to cater to some of the non-English speaking gamers as well as offering up fun Indian games like Teen Patti.

Pros and cons with live casino

For the most part, playing live casino games has a lot of positives. For instance, it can be really fun to sit at home, but be able to interact with other players and the dealer. You can also enjoy a decent-paced game as the game speed is often slightly slower than that offered by virtual table games.

This can be a downside depending on your preference, as you won’t be able to play as many hands per hour as a virtual option. You also have to wait for the dealer at some points, and it can be frustrating if they haven’t seen your message in time. For the most part though, live games are incredibly fun and bring that casino vibe into the comfort of your home.