Online gambling has risen from a small activity to one of the most enjoyed pastimes in the world today. Millions of individuals around the globe play every day, some for fun and others to win real money. You might be wondering how it would feel if you became a millionaire by playing online. Well, over the years, there have been many stories about people whose lives have been changed by winning jackpots. Maybe it is about time you tried your luck on these games. In the sections below, you will learn some important information about jackpots that you should know before trying online gambling.

First things first, how do you know which online jackpots are worth playing? There are so many choices when you play online. You not only choose jackpot slots but also game themes and slots. And, of course, you can’t choose a theme before you identify your game. Some people prefer slots while others go for tables and poker. Even before you select your game, understanding the different terms for jackpots is paramount. It enables you to choose wisely and devise your strategy for winning. Then you can start to play in confidence. Have a look at the following description of various jackpots available online.

Types of Jackpots

The normal or standard stakes are known as standalone, flat or independent jackpots. Basically, they remain at a fixed amount. For instance, you might see a $1000 jackpot on an online slot. The figure will remain the same even if it’s not hit in a month or over the years. Because of their size, they are hit frequently and replaced once won. But there are standalone progressive jackpots. This type keeps growing each time you feed the machine. Basically, a small amount of the bet is tossed into the jackpot and the jackpot only grows as the player feeds that specific machine. It’s not linked to any other machine.

You will also come across proprietary progressive jackpots. With this type, a casino links together a bunch of slot machines on the floor. The bunch of machines feeds the same jackpot and keep growing until a player hits it. This type grows faster since several players on the floor are feeding the same jackpot. Another common type is the wide progressive jackpot. You will see these types at larger land-based and online casinos. This is more like a proprietary jackpot unleashed. Instead of the slot machines being kept on the same casino, the machines linked are either within a country, state, city or online across the planet.

Other Types of Casino Jackpots

There are other jackpot types you will come across in different casinos. These may include guaranteed jackpots, sliding, escalator and lottery. With guaranteed jackpots, the casino rooms offer the same reward regardless of the number of individuals playing. The odds are usually in your favour when there are a few players. The odds are less when there are multiple players since the prize to be won remains the same. Sliding jackpots are interesting in that they decrease as the game continues. They start out high but keep dropping as players continue to play without winning. This type is designed to add excitement to the game.

Escalator jackpots are the opposite of sliding jackpots. The price increases as the game continues. Each moment is usually tense in these casino rooms. Each player hopes to hit the prize first, but only when the jackpot has grown enough. Developing a chance can be challenging and fun. Finally, lottery games may range from daily-number drawings to scratch tickets and weekly drawings, among others. Bigger games offer extremely high prices for players that are lucky enough to win. The contests are progressive as the jackpot keeps increasing with each draw that goes without winning. Players flock to stores to buy tickets even when the chances are very low.

Tips for Winning Jackpots

One of the things you can do to increase your chances of winning is to select jackpots with the best odds. Each jackpot is different and some are easier to hit than others. At bingo, you can select several jackpots, analyze them and then pick the ones with odds stacked more in the favour of players. You could also consider having a syndicate. Colleagues, family or friends pool their funds together to increase the chance of becoming millionaires. A group gives you the chance of playing more games and more numbers, thus maximizing your odds. Yes, you will have to share with your colleagues, but each will get good money.

Another trick is to learn how to make system bets. There is no need for playing a few numbers when you have a chance of placing more numbers. System betting raises your winning probabilities by allowing you to select extra numbers apart from the standard amount required to strike the jackpot. Also, choose random numbers. This may not increase the chances of winning but can make a difference in the amount of money you win should the bet or ticket come good. You can decide to pick a ticket comprised of memorable events or notable birthdays to increase your luck.

Playing Jackpots Online

You can find amazing and big jackpots on online gambling sites. Fortunately, online gaming in Canada is a serious industry. The most important thing is to choose a reputable online casino. Failing to pick the best casino means that your money will go to waste as you lose from time to time. Consider a gambling site that’s known to pay the winnings promptly. Many complaints by past players of delays in payment should be a red light. Also, they should have stellar customer services. Their representatives should be ready to answer all your queries and concerns. These could be technical or payment issues.

You should also consider their bonuses. Great gambling companies are those that appreciate their clients. Rewarding players with prizes seems like a good gesture. But bonuses help you to recover your money even after losing a game. Another important aspect of online casinos is deposit options. Any good company will have several deposit options. It is good to know how each option works and select a payment option that suits you best. Additionally, find out if the option you use to deposit will be the same they will pay your money after winning. Always consider options that are acceptable within your region in case you are not in Canada.


Gambling is a game of chance. No matter which betting platform you choose, you will be taking the risk of losing. However, you can be the lucky one and win a handsome jackpot. All it takes is believing in the jackpot slot you have picked or entering into bingo and taking the chance like other contenders. But as you do this, make sure you identify a suitable site when playing online. Otherwise, it is possible to lose your bet and even the money you have in your account to scammers. They pose as online casino providers only for them to steal your personal information.

Even if winning a jackpot may seem like an elusive dream, people are winning. It’s possible to become a multi-millionaire overnight. There is no formula for winning jackpots. All it requires is a combination of good luck, information, and well-analyzed tips. You will also need to play frequently. Most jackpot slots have a subscription feature that makes sure you never miss a draw. You just need to select the number of weeks you would like to play the jackpot of your choice and the bet will be renewed each week. Use the above tips when placing your bets and you could be smiling to the bank.