Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

If you are into technology, you will love this live game from Evolution. Here, players try to search for treasure hidden behind the stones on an ancient wall. This is a fairly fast-paced game, and you must be sure to lay your bets and choose your Picks in the set time. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is one of the hottest IP properties of Evolution, the leaders in live gaming products.

Every player has a unique gaming experience in this game, and you are free to choose how you search for the hidden treasures. This innovative game from Evolution is mainly luck-based. While it’s difficult to locate the right stone (and therefore the reward), you can deploy some search strategies to try to improve your chances.

Apart from being a highly entertaining game, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is also turning out to be hugely popular, thanks to its uniqueness. Don’t worry though, this game isn’t complicated at all, and you can get learn to play it easily.

High RTP

Huge Rewards

VR option

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How to play

Hidden behind the 70 stones of an ancient wall are some lucrative prizes. Finding them is the objective of this game. You will be joined in this adventure by a live host alongside a cartoon Gonzo. It is entirely up to you which prizes to look for and how many searches you make. Upon loading the game on your device, you’ll see a betting grid that carries six different coloured stones.

Each one is worth a different multiplier, ranging from 1x up to 65x. The higher the multiplier, the fewer stones there are hidden behind the wall, with just one stone worth 65x. Place a bet on each stone value you want to find. You then select anything from one to 20 Picks, and you choose which of the 70 stones on the wall are the ones you want to “search”. More Picks means higher chances of finding your treasure stones.

However, the more picks you choose, the greater your total bet will be. Once all bets are in the stones on the Wall are shuffled. Select your picks before Gonzo turns his magic key to trigger the Prize Drop. Bonuses appear above the wall, and drop to randomly selected stones.

The Bonus Prizes add from 3 to 100 to the hidden value of the stone, while Multipliers worth 2x to 10x can also drop. There’s also a re-spin feature. Once this feature is complete, the stone values are revealed starting with the brown 1x stones. If your chosen Pick matches a stone value you bet on, you win.

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt strategy

Just like any other casino game, here too, the house has a slight edge. While this is predominantly a game of luck, there are some betting strategies you can use to improve your chances. Maximising the number of Picks that you buy will give you the best option for landing a win. If you prefer a Low Risk strategy then place your bets on the 1x and 2x stones as these occur most frequently.

This strategy is good for newbies and players with a small budget, but the rewards will not be huge. With a higher Risk strategy you could bet only on the stones with the higher multipliers, such as Green (8x), Blue (20x) and Red (65x). Since there are fewer of these stones on the wall, again choosing the maximum number of Picks will give you the best chance of finding them. You can try selecting your Picks on the wall at Random or choose a pattern of Picks.

The odds of winning at Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

The theoretical RTP of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is 96.56%. This is a stellar figure as it is slightly above the industry avaerage of 96%. RTP or Return to Player rate is an indicator of a game’s profitability. For example, if you invested CAD 100 on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you can, theoretically, expect to get CAD 96.56 of this money back over a reasonable period of play.

However, this doesn’t mean you will necessarily get this money back because gambling is mostly about luck. The maximum payout you can expect from the Prize Drop in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is 20,000 per stone on the wall. Please bear in mind that this is a volatile game so do be careful with your money and strategy. That said, here are some of the odds for correctly choosing particular stones. There are 27 Brown (1x) stones giving odds of 38.5% for finding them on the 70-stone wall.

For the 20 Orange (2x) stones, the odds are 28.5%. The corresponding odds for the 12 Purple (4x) and 7 Green (8x) are 17% and 10%, respectively. For the 3 Blue (20x) and 1 Red (65x), the odds are 4.28% and 1.42%, respectively.

Dictionary- get to know the lingo

Overall, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a straightforward game to play. However, there are a few terms used that it is helpful to explain in more detail. The Prize Wall is where all the action takes place. It has 70 stones that hide the treasure and are shuffled at the start of each round. The Treasure Symbols are 6 differently coloured stones.

Each colour carries a different multiplier that is applied to your initial bet if you win. Pick is the term given to your choice of stone on the Treasure Wall. You can choose anywhere from 1 to 20 Picks, meaning you will search from 1 to 20 stones on the Treasure Wall.

Prize Drop is the bonus feature that is triggered by Gonzo turning his golden key. VR stands for Virtual Reality. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt offers players a unique opportunity to play in VR mode. A VR headset and controller will be needed to play.

House edge is the mathematical advantage enjoyed by the casino on a given game. Typically, some games, such as slots, have a higher house edge than other types of casino games.

Good to know — things to consider while playing Gonzo's Quest Treasure Hunt

Look out for the various Prize Drops in this game. There bring extra payouts that can be won once Gonzo turns his key. At this stage, extra prizes appear at the top of the wall, and if there is any opening beneath, those will fall down and stop at random stones. These prizes then add more value to the hidden stones below.

Players can expect up to 7 such prizes to drop during the Prize Drop feature. Note that the Bonus Prizes vary from 3 to 100, while multipliers up to 100x can also be added. There can be re-drops so further value will be added to the hidden stones. Players should also know how to place bets in the game.

Basically, the total stake that you lay is equal to the number of Picks multiplied by the total value of stakes laid on the stones. For example if you wagered CAD 10 to search for the 8x stone and CAD 10 for the 20x stone using 4 Picks, the total bet value would be (CAD 10 +10) x 4 = CAD 80.

Our thoughts about Gonzo's Quest Treasure Hunt

While the game is indeed exciting, Evolution Gaming still has to cover up some gaps. For example, do you need a special processor on your phone to play this game? That said, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt marries fun and excitement with avant-garde technology. Players heavily into VR gaming will be pleased to learn that this live game offers the option for VR play.

The game theme and background add to the gambling experience and there is no denying that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt could well keep you engaged for hours. The graphics are sharp and so is the animation, and there is a great storyline too. The two bonus features of this slot – Prize Drops and Multipliers – keep your pulse racing throughout.

Newbies and experienced players will enjoy Evolution’s new take on that slot classic – Gonzo’s Quest. Beat your weekday blues by trying your luck on this exciting live game version.