House Edge Explained

Also referred to as the house advantage, the house edge has an essential role in ensuring that the casino gets money from each bet placed. Generally, casino games are believed to be games of chance, which ultimately mean that any played game is based on luck. Even when the game is completely fair, there are certain rules which have been statistically set up to give the casino an upper hand. This built-in advantage, which ensures the odds are stacked in the casino’s favor, is regarded as the casino’s average profit.

Although some casino games, for instance poker, which often has an element of skill incorporated, what eventually determines whether a player wins or loses depending on the cards dispensed to them is luck. Nevertheless, casinos always have an advantage no matter which game you play; they don’t beat a player because they’re lucky. Even when they don’t win, casinos always have a small percentage of a player’s bet retained as revenue and ensures that every bet placed is profitable. This fact shouldn’t dash your hopes completely.

Understanding How The House Edge Works

Just like any other business, casinos exist to make profits. Whenever you play any game the house advantage is equally consistent. There are, however, minor rules which change considerably depending on the games in order to adjust the advantage of the casino. Popular casino games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack have always had a consistent house edge. While playing casino games, it’s actually possible to tell the casinos profit margin and use it to your advantage. The house edge, however, won’t always reflect your specific experience.

Even with the casino’s statistical advantage over players, it’s possible to minimize the odds placed in its favour when you clearly understand the house edge. Accounting for variance is a very important factor in minimizing the advantage. Variance in this context basically means diverging from the average. Since all games of chance are well-thought-out to be completely random, certain results are expected with a given variance. After several attempts, you will be able to get a distribution that perfectly matches the odds. This, however, requires some patience.


Casinos don’t have to beat every player each time but they’ll know of a specific percentage which they can get of all the total bets placed during a given period. There are possible ways to lower the house edge; nevertheless, the house edge will eventually get at you. Taking advantage of casino bonus offers and promotions is one way of slightly influencing the house edge in your favor. Another smart way is playing a game with a lower house edge since it offers a more enhanced possibility of winning over time.

House edge is the casino’s way of making money, but this doesn’t automatically mean that a player will lose each time they play. You can always prolong your gaming and winning chances by trying to salvage your bankroll as much as you can with appropriate gaming strategies, throwing in promotions and bonuses and taking advantage of big welcome packages offered in new casinos with an enticing casino bonus offer. This will provide you with more winning possibilities. Moreover, get information about a casino’s house edge in order to make informed decisions.