Idebit casinos

One of the amazing features of online casinos is the ease of payment. You don’t need to step out of your comfort before you can deposit and play the games that you like. There are different payment methods accepted on Canadian casinos, and iDebit is one of them. iDebit is a fast and secure Canadian online payment option that can be used for several internet purchases. Unlike bank transfers where payment may take days before it is processed, payment using iDebit is usually instant. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of iDebit and the benefits of using it.

Anyone aged 18 years and above can use iDebit. However, this payment system is operational in Canada. Presently, only seven banks support iDebit in Canada – Bank of Montreal, Desjardins, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust and Simplii Financial. Unlike some other payment options with high and complex transaction fees, iDebit uses a flat fee to avoid confusion for its customers. Additionally, iDebit provides its customers with first-class support, which is available 24/7. Whatever issue you have using the payment option, you can be certain that it will be resolved quickly.

How it works

iDebit is easy and straightforward to use. The process is not tedious and does not require you to spend a penny. To use iDebit, you will need to sign up on their website. The registration process takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Once you are through with the registration, you can start using your iDebit account immediately. However, you need to have an online bank account in one of the supported banks before you can use iDebit. iDebit supports multiple bank accounts, so if you have accounts in more than one of the supported banks, you can link them to your iDebit account.

iDebit uses an advanced security feature to ensure that each transaction is handled correctly and the player’s money is safe. The transaction fee is free when you are making a payment from your iDebit account or transferring funds to a merchant. However, you will be charged CAD 1.50 for making payment directly from your linked bank account via online banking. Additionally transferring funds from your iDebit balance to your bank account attracts a transaction fee of CAD 2.00. If you want to keep track of your transactions on iDebit, you can do so by checking the transaction history from your account menu.

How to use iDebit on Canadian Casinos

Several online Canadian casinos accept iDebit as one of their payment options. Once you find one such casino that suits your taste, you can proceed to the banking section of the casino site. You can deposit by choosing iDebit, and you will then be required to login to your iDebit account. If you have funds in your iDebit account, it will be used as the primary payment. However, you can decide to select one of your linked bank accounts and to make the payment from there. You should, however, know that you cannot split the payment among multiple linked accounts.

When withdrawing funds into your iDebit account, you should know that the funds can only stay in the account for a duration of 28-days. You must withdraw the funds to your bank account or use them for another transaction within the 28 days. Withdrawing your iDebit funds to your bank account usually takes a maximum of 5-days to be processed. All things considered, iDebit is one of the best payment options accepted in some Canadian casinos. It is secure, safe and fast, and the deposit and withdrawal process is easy. Additionally, the transaction fees are not high, and registration is free.