Live Craps

Craps is a fantastic, entertaining casino table game that is played with two dice. Players bet on the outcome of each throw of those dice following some specific betting rules. The gameplay can seem complicated but is quite straightforward once you know the rules and the different betting options.

Craps is a game that captivates the interest of many players in land-based casinos and, excitingly, it has made the transition to the world of online casino gaming. AS well as some virtual craps games, players can now enjoy Live Craps games at many online casinos.

These live games offer excellent enjoyment, the feel of a land-based casino and the chance to win big payouts, all without leaving the comfort of home. Live Craps is a fast-paced casino game with multiple ways to wager and win.

In addition, the Craps game doesn’t require lots of skill as, like roulette, it is primarily dependent on luck to get a win.

You can play anytime, anywhere

Easy to play user interface

Lots of bet choices

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How To Play

As already mentioned, Craps is a game of luck that requires no particular strategy. Moreover, the main objective is to predict, precisely, the result of the two dice when rolled. Gamblers wager on the combination of numbers that they expect to see every time they toss the dice.

If you are a beginner, you may feel that the table looks a little complex because of its features and the various betting options. However, at its heart, craps is a simple game. There are some basic bets you need to get familiar with before playing the game though.

Examples of these basic bets are the “pass line” and “don’t pass line” bets. Nevertheless, you should also note that there are more than 40 extra Craps bets, of which some are more complex than others. You will need to study and master these bets over time.

If you desire to get familiar with how this game works quickly, keep reading to learn how to play! First head to your chosen casino and the Live games section. Join a craps table and pick a stake level of your choice.

When you see the ‘Off’ disk, that is an indication that a new game is about to commence, and this is the time to wager on the Pass Line during the Come-out Roll. This is the opening throw of a new game. You also have to take note of the Points.

Rolling a 7 or an 11 during the Come-out Roll will be a win, while rolling a 2, 3, or 12 will be a loss. Bets continue until another 7 is rolled. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to stack up chips before the next round.

Live Craps Strategy

In craps betting, the most valuable strategies focus on keeping your bankroll ticking over, decreasing the house edge and executing clever bets. Before starting to play, always check the rules of the craps game you have chosen for any variations from standard craps rules.

It’s also a good idea to practice your betting strategies using free demo games before trying them out for real money. For novice players, the most important strategy to follow is the Money Management Strategy. One of the most challenging things to learn as a beginner in this game is to know when to leave the table.

Amateurs will keep chasing a losing streak and ultimately blow their bankrolls. However, the best strategy for beginners is to set a simple ‘win’ target ahead of a craps game session and learn to leave the table once their goal has been completed. We recommend setting a goal of winning 20% of each session’s bankroll.

The Odds of Winning at Live Craps

The usual RTP for this game at most online casinos is 98.64%. However, if an online casino offers an RTP lower than this for its Craps games, you need to check another casino.

Further, the most suitable place to start ascertaining the odds associated with Craps is by evaluating the chances of getting a specific number from a single roll of two six-sided dice. There are thirty-six potential combinations when you roll the dice.

The likelihood of a player tossing a natural 7 or 11 is 22.22% on the Come-out roll. Meanwhile, the chance of throwing 2, 3 or 12 is 11.12%, while 66.66% is the probability of getting a single point value.

Also, you will notice that the odds of getting a single point value are below those of throwing a 7. Betting on the Pass Line (i.e. landing a 7 or an 11) is a good strategy as this has a low house edge, usually around 1.41% and these bets pay out even money.

Dictionary — get to know the lingo

Big Red: This term refers to when you toss a 7.

Easy Way: throws of four, six, eight, or ten produced without throwing a double, in other words, each dice has a different number with the total being 4, 6, 8 or 10.

Front: another name for the Pass Line.

Hard Number: this refers to any number that is a double, i.e., formed from throwing the same number on both dice.

Hard Way: a wager placed on four, six, eight or ten. This will only be a win if you throw a double.

Hi-Lo: a single-roll betting on two and twelve.

Field bet: This is a winning bet if numbers like two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve appear in the subsequent roll.

The Grind: the house edge, which influences a player’s bankroll over a long period.

Shooter: The player casting the dice.

Crap Numbers: these figures include two, three or twelve.

Box Numbers: different terms for the digits like four, five, six, eight, nine and ten.

Good to Know — Things to Consider When Playing Live Craps

For beginners who want to play Live craps, you need to check out some of our tips below. The first thing to consider before playing this casino game is to decide the percentage of your bankroll you are willing to commit over each session.

Once you make this important decision, try your best not to deviate from it. Do read through and understand the rules and odds of your chosen craps game before playing. The most reputable online casinos usually highlight customer help pages to provide this information.

If possible, play a demo version for free first to get a feel for the game. Moreover, online casinos give players the freedom to modify their bet limits in craps games. Ensure you do this before the start of the game, otherwise, you may experience a rapid loss of money.

Lastly, most online casinos offer different welcome bonuses to new customers. Explore different sites to see whether there is a casino bonus offer that you can use to play Live Craps.

Our thoughts about Live Craps

Playing Live Craps is a fabulous way of bringing casino fun to the comfort of your home. Although there is nothing quite like casting real dice over a craps table, Live Craps games do an excellent job of recreating that atmosphere of a land-based craps table.

Live Craps is unquestionably a game that offers you the chance of some superb entertainment along with the possibility of landing some generous wins. To enjoy this game as a beginner, you have to get familiar with the game’s rules.

Our review can be a practical guide that covers some of the necessary details for playing this exciting game. Check out our list of the best online casinos in Canada where you can play Live Craps. This game is genuinely one of the most exciting online casino games that you can ever wish to play!