Sic Bo

Ever heard of “Precious dice” or Sic Bo, Tai sai? Probably not. Well, this is an old game that originates from ancient Chinese culture. It is a game of dice, three dice to be specific. It is among the less popular games in Canada. Like any other gambling game, whether modern or traditional, the Sic Bo game is based on luck.

Sic Bo is played with three dice whereby the players place their bet on the outcome of a single roll. The game can be found in many bingo halls in Canada as well as on various online sites.

Players are required to place their bets on certain areas of the table. The dice are thrown by the dealer only, something different from popular dice games like Craps where the contenders roll the dice themselves. In land-based casinos, the dice are usually contained within a small chest.

The dealer will then shake the chest and open to reveal the results. It’s vwey easy to see why the Craps and Sic Bo are compared. However, Sic Bo is strictly a game of chance since each roll outcome is a loss or win of the bet while Craps has certain bets that require specific rolls before results are revealed.

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What are the Available Sic Bo Betting Options?

When selecting bets for this game, you will come across big bets, small bets and combination bets. Big bets involve predicting the sum total of the dice between 11 and 17. It has a probability of 48.6 % and odds of 1 to 1, which gives you a chance of winning something.

However, it has a risk of winning a lesser amount compared to small bets. Small bets, on the other hand, are easier to win. Players can win regularly too. In small bets, the player predicts the sum total rolls of 3 dice, which is between 4 and 10.

Combination bets describe a specific bet on two numbers that gives players a small advantage of about 2.77% of winning. This may seem high and most beginners tend to overlook. However, it should not be ignored since it has a 6 to 1 chances of winning.

You can expect to win at least once in every seven. Despite the bet you choose, you’ll have to predict the sum total of the three dice rolled by the dealer. You also choose the amount of money to place for each bet, and each bet must be settled after every roll. Also, you can place several bets for each roll of the dice.

Tips for Winning a Sic Bo Game

Like other casino games, not all Sic Bo games are the same when it comes to available prizes. You need to check several recommended sites to make sure that you play at a bingo where you get the highest price for the bet you intend to place. It is also crucial to understand the game.

Sic Bo may sound like a hard game to learn but when you take your time you can easily master it. You may also try various bets for a single roll and then vary the amount you place for the bet. This helps you to learn while increasing the chance of winning.

Another important trick is practice. Most casinos allow you to practice by giving you some games for free chips before betting. Doing this enables you to learn new games and to come up with the best strategy. Essentially, when it comes to precious dice, the best strategy is the one that helps you have a win.

This is a game that depends on chance; hence you need to be patient before making any move when playing. Yes, it’s hard to predict with 100% certainty the number that will come up, but this does not mean that you cannot get the maximum out of your ideal gameplay.