Super Sic Bo

The Super Sic Bo game is a game of three die. At first sight, the Super Sic Bo congested betting board may seem complicated. Providentially, the rules of this game are easy. This game aims to predict the result of three die being tossed; this is done in a separate box called the automatic shaker.

Furthermore, the Super Sic Bo gameplay is fast-paced and pretty dynamic. Similar to other casino games, this game demands a combination of skills and luck. You can use diverse strategies when playing this game, but you always need to remember you are playing a game of luck. Winning is not sure.

Necessarily, you also have to make wise gambling decisions every time you play. The most reliable approach towards any casino game is by having a good mindset. In addition, all you have to do to play this game is by placing your bets on one or more bet spots and hope your predictions come true.

Good bonus features.

Chance to upgrade your wins.

High RTP

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How To Play

The main objective of Super Sic Bo is to predict and bet on the likely results of every dice roll. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert at playing online casino games; you can enjoy the fun that comes with this game.

Super Sic Bo is just starting to influence the Canadian online betting world. Like other casino games, you’ll need to make sure you have deposited enough money into your online casino account before playing the game.

As soon as you start, a complex-looking board with varieties of betting options will appear on your screen. These betting options are well-explained, with unique odds attached to them. With this, you know what your potential payout is.

Just like roulette, you can wager on one or more options. However, beginners should restrict themselves to a couple of bets for each round. As soon as you’ve wagered, you then cast the die. As soon as the digits on all three die show up, you’ll automatically be notified if your prediction is correct.

Also, you can win more than one bet, and if you get multiple wins, you will notice an increase in your casino balance. That’s all it takes to play Super Sic Bo!

The Super Sic Bo Strategy

As we discussed earlier, Super Sic Bo is a game of luck, and there is no precise strategy available increase to your chances of winning. However, the methods below might help.

(1) Beginner’s Strategy: When adopting this strategy, patience is essential. As this game is dependent on pure chance, this approach is defensive, and it’s simply by wagering on the higher odds and payouts. This is an excellent strategy to start by. The beginner strategy enables you to retain your bankroll for an extended period and enhances your chance of getting returns.

(2) Advanced Strategy: This strategy requires you to wager on your preferred sum and then mix it with three double bets. You need to select doubles that have a chance of occurring. For instance, a double one won’t appear if your preferred sum is nine, and a double six won’t appear if your aggregate is twelve. The total must be something you can afford and should be within your exact budget.

The Odds Of Winning at Super Sic Bo

The RTP for Super Sic Bo starts at 95.02%, and it can speedily increase to 97.22%, depending on your wager. Just as you may have imagined, bets tend to offer excellent potential returns, and several players love to stick to these bets. RTP is estimated at over a billion game rounds on average.

It is, therefore, the return players potentially get from a game in the long run. This implies that some players will enjoy a lot of wins, while some will encounter fewer wins. Super Sic Bo also has several notable features, like multipliers. It’s possible to hit 1,000x the amount of your wager, which is excellent.

Talking of the multipliers, there are a few things you need to know. Super Sic Bo assigns several random multipliers to arbitrary layout locations in every round for beginners.

Nevertheless, you should know that multipliers only apply to some types of bet. For example, there will be no multipliers in the Odd & Even bets or the Small & Big bets, because they have the highest winning odds.

Dictionary — get to know the lingo

This section defines several words associated with Super Sic Bo that you might encounter while playing the game.

(1) Any Double: A wager placed on a pair of die with a particular figure. The payout on this wager is usually 11:1.

(2) Any One Number: In this bet, a player expects a number to show up on either of the die. If this number shows up twice or thrice, then the return increases. The return on getting one digit is 1:1. On two digits, it is 2:1. On three digits, it’s 12:1.

(3) Any Triple: A wager placed on three die of the same digits. This is also known as “three of a kind”. The regular payout for this in Super Sic Bo is 31:1.

(4) Big: A bet placed on the total sum of the three die, which is between 11 and 17.

(5) Cage: A small appliance used to shake and roll the dice.

(6) House Edge: This is the advantage the casino has over players in the game. In Super Sic Bo, the most suitable house edge you can receive is 2.78% on small & big bets or the odd & even bets. This indicates that a player loses $2.78 to the house when he places a bet of $100.

(7) Layout: The layout and design of the Super Sic Bo table show where bets are placed and the total return for each stake.

Good to know — things to consider when playing Super Sic Bo

There are things you should know before playing Super Sic Bo. Like in several other casino games, not all casinos offer equal amounts of payouts. If you intend to play Super Sic Bo, we advise you to check different online casino websites to be sure you’re playing at a legitimate casino.

Check for online casinos with the biggest payouts for the specific kind of bet that you want to place. You also need to have the mindset that Super Sic Bo isn’t a challenging game to learn, even if it might take you some time to master this game.

You must study the types of bets available and get familiar with other information like the casino’s house edge. Learn to vary your bets. Although the big & small bets offer the best odds for players, it can get a little boring playing the same bets repeatedly.

An excellent way to increase your fun is by mixing up your bets. Doing this gives you a fantastic experience which is very vital when playing an online casino game.

Our thoughts about Super Sic Bo

One reliable way to win Super Sic Bo is by adjusting your perspective about winning an online casino game. It would help if you accepted that it is a total game of luck, and it’s dependent on no skill. Instead of concentrating on just winning, focus on enjoying the game.

Although there are odds of losing, you can be a winner if you learn to play with patience and composure. Please bear in mind that there is no sure-fire winning strategy either, but it can be fun in the long run.

Notwithstanding, the possibility of winning steady money on bets in the Super Sic Bo is somewhat better than that of the roulette wheel. Regardless of what your situation may turn out to be, don’t feel discouraged. Players win at Super Sic Bo every day.

That’s how betting works! Additionally, it’s advisable not to bet with funds you can’t afford to lose!