Trustly is a fintech company that started in 2008. The company provides payment methods for users to deposit and receive money online. It is an excellent option for online casino payments because it is free to deposit and withdraw funds.

Consequently, the player only needs to pick a casino that supports Trustly and make a deposit. More so, Trustly works with different banking providers. This is to offer a quick and simple transaction process. It operates separately from the banking providers.

Therefore, it is a reliable option. This means that no user is hacked or has money stolen from their bank. Having said that, all you need to do is log in and process or confirm the transaction.

Everything is instant, thus ensuring that you can start playing your favourite games immediately. Additional advantages of using Trustly include:

Easy deposits and withdrawals

Instant transactions

Secure and safe systems

Multiple currencies support

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Our Opinion about Trustly

Trustly is a safe platform. It enables you to enjoy instant transactions. That is to say, this platform won’t have you waiting around for your deposits to reach the casino. It’s easy to make payouts without having to wait for a few hours or business days.

Thanks to the high level of encryption, the platform is safe and secure. On top of that, the system also uses two-factor authentication to stop any fraudulent behaviour.

Get Started with Trustly

Unlike other e-wallet platforms, you don’t need to register with Trustly. Consequently, this makes Trustly available to most people around the world. Furthermore, it ensures you enjoy making transactions because there are no transaction fees. However, this applies to all the banks supported by the platform.

Unfortunately, the platform has one major downside. That is, some banks don’t enable you to connect with Trustly. This means that before using a Trustly supported casino, you need to check whether your bank is supported. If the bank is supported, you can proceed to the easy banking process of the platform.

On the other hand, if your bank doesn’t support Trustly, you can look for other banking methods within the casino. Because you don’t need to register for an account, you can use Trustly from any device. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

This makes it easy for you to transfer your funds to and from the casino. So, look for a casino that uses Trustly and open the deposit or withdraw window of the casino.

How to Deposit Money to a Casino Via Trustly

Depositing money into a casino is straightforward when using Trustly. First, you need to find a casino that supports Trustly as a banking method. This enables you to select Trustly as your payment method. In addition, you must determine the amount of money you would like to deposit.

As a new player, check whether the casino offers a welcome bonus. With this, you can pick a deposit amount that will enable you to maximize this bonus fully. After selecting the desired amount, choose your baking provider.

Upon doing this, you are redirected to the Trustly website. Here, you must sign in to your online bank account. Trustly uses the best encryption measures. As a result, logging in to the bank account is safe. There might be a verification process depending on your online banking platform.

After completing the verification, if any, confirm the transaction. This enables Trustly to deposit the funds to your casino account immediately. The instant deposits show you can begin playing your favourite casino games immediately. It also ensures that you can enjoy any deposit bonuses that the casino offers.

How to Withdraw Money from a Casino Via Trustly

However, you are required to complete the casino’s KYC process before placing your deposit. This will help make the process quick and easy. Besides, it ensures that you have satiated all the security protocols of the casino.

When withdrawing money from the casino, select the withdrawal option in the casino. Then, choose the amount you would like to withdraw and select Trustly as the banking option. Most casinos will use the same banking option you used during the deposit. Upon choosing Trustly, you are redirected to the website.

Consequently, you will need to sign in to your bank account. Occasionally, you need to verify the sign-in depending on your banking platform. Havig done so, you can confirm the transaction, and you will receive the money in your account instantly.

Trustly is an excellent option for anyone to enjoy their winnings easily from a casino. It ensures that your funds are safe and sends them directly to your bank account. The maximum and minimum withdrawal amounts will vary depending on the online casino.

Is Trustly safe for online casinos?

Yes. Trustly is an extremely safe option for anyone playing in online casinos. The platform has reliable 24/7 customer service. If you cannot deposit and withdraw money, the customer support staff can help you solve the issue. They aim to do their best, ensuring you are happy.

Trustly collects limited information to help them identify you and process transactions. However, this information is kept safe and isn’t available to any third party. Furthermore, the information collected by Trustly helps improve your experience. That’s by providing seamless transactions. Besides, the platform works hard to ensure that there isn’t any fraud, thus promoting safety and security.

Most people love Trustly because of the instant transactions, free transactions and professional customer support. On top of that, it is amongst the platforms that don’t require users to register for an account. Instead, users log in to their online bank accounts to transact via Trustly. This ensures that no casino ends up with the banking information of the player. Therefore, this provides an extra layer of security.