Use Revolut to pay and play at Canadian online casinos

For Canadian online casino players, Revolut is the perfect payment method to use if you want to load your account securely and quickly. Whether you play on a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, Revolut is a robust online payment method that has the tech industry and major players in online gaming talking.

The best Canadian Revolut online casinos are here

We’ve tested a number of casinos to make sure you can use your Revolut card number for deposits, manage your money using the Revolut app, and get your hands on your money easily when you win. Before playing online casino games using Revolut, be sure to read Revolut’s terms & conditions.

Not all online casinos in Canada accept Revolut for deposits and withdrawals. In fact, Revolut’s terms and conditions have categorized online gambling and online dating as restricted sites since launching in 2015. But as Revolut expands into new markets, that’s changing.

Revolut bills itself as ‘Radically Better’—and they’re not far off. The online payment method has streamlined and simplified payments in a bold, tech-friendly way by giving users full control over their spending habits through a mobile app, and by reducing the international fees they pay along the way.

What is Revolut?

It’s everything you want it to be. It’s a virtual credit card for making purchases online. It’s a physical card for spending in the real world. It’s an app to transfer money in and out — and to avoid international fees when you spend abroad. And it could change your approach to online casino games by letting you play more responsibly.

With Revolut, you can:

• Fund your account using your favorite credit card
• Store and exchange up to 25 different currencies in your app
• Get spending notifications whenever you spend money online — perfect for avoiding fraudulent online casino transactions
• Send local and international money transfers without any additional fee
• Freeze your card if you need a break from your casino
• Create temporary burner cards that expire after one-time use
• Set categorized budgets — perfect if you want a dedicated spending amount for your online casino play

Getting started with Revolut at online casinos in Canada

Before you can use Revolut at a Canadian online casino, you need to create a Revolut account. To do that, download the Revolut app in the iOS App Store or Google Play. Then open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

Once your account is set up, you must pass a KYC check. KYC stands for Know Your Customer and helps financial institutions like Revolut confirm your identity to meet anti-fraud regulations in Canada and around the world. Please note that if you’ve already passed a KYC check at your preferred Canadian online casino, the Revolut KYC check runs independent of that, so you’ll need to pass a separate KYC check.

When you’re good to go, you’ll have full access to the Revolut app on your phone and you’ll be ready to load your account and make an online casino deposit using Revolut.

How to add funds to your Revolut account for online casino games

Revolut makes it easy to load your account. You can do so using any of the following payment methods:

• Bank transfer, from your personal chequing or savings account
• Credit Card, like Visa or Mastercard
• Apple Pay, just like paying for stuff using your iPhone or Apple Watch,
• Google Play, similar to shopping on your mobile device
• Request money from friends — perfect if someone owes you cash and you want to get paid fast

Get a Revolut virtual card to use at online casinos

With Revolut, you’ll have a credit card number that you can use to spend online anywhere, including at your favourite Revolut online casino. You’ll have a real credit card number, complete with CVV code and expiry date, so the online casino you’re playing at will assume you have a physical card.

Get a Revolut card for use in the real world

Just won some money at your favorite online casino? You can load it back to your Revolut account and toss it back into your bank account. Or go shopping in the real world. With your own Revolut credit card, you can pay for stuff in store, just like with any other Visa or Mastercard.

Why casino players love Revolut

Using a regular credit card or debit card comes with surprises. With credit cards, you receive a bill at the end of the month and spend a good hour or so scratching your head, trying to figure out how you spent $4,000. And with debit cards, you’ll quickly realize how easy it was to empty your bank account on nothing but coffee.

Revolut is different. Through the easy-to-use Revolut app, you can manage your money and stay on top of your spending. At a glance, you can find out how much you’re spending each month on various categories, like groceries and restaurants. And you can even set up monthly spending budgets, giving you better control of where your money goes.

If you’re a casino player, setting budgets is a great idea. Casino games should be seen as entertainment. Just like you’d set a monthly budget for dining out or heading out to a movie, it’s a smart idea to set a monthly casino budget. This way, you won’t be betting above your head.

Create disposable casino payment cards

If you really want to take online casino budgeting to the next level, Revolut is in your corner with virtual, disposable cards. These cards are one-time-use cards, so as soon as you buy something with it (or fund your online casino account using Revolut), the card is no longer active. If you want to allocate a specific amount to a Canadian online casino, this option is a great bet.

Take a break from your casino

Revolut also lets you force yourself into a break. Let’s say you’ve deposited $200 to your online casino. Your monthly budget is $400, but you’re only a few days into the month and you’d rather not blow the rest of your budget so early. With Revolut, you can freeze your card. And when you’re ready to jump back in, unfreezing the card is just as easy.

Cryptocurrency fan? Revolut has your back

If you got into the cryptocurrency game, you’re all set with Revolut. The online casino payment method welcomes crypto for funding your Revolut account and offers fair exchange rates so you can keep more of your money. Most importantly, Revolut makes the entire process super easy by eliminating all the complexity that makes trading in cryptocurrency seem so daunting.

In fact, if you’re the type of online casino player who’s steered clear of cryptocurrency because you’ve found it a little too complex, you might want to give Revolut a second look. The smart money management platform makes trading in cryptocurrency rather easy.