Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack from Evolution is another take on the hugely popular game, blackjack. This version stands out from some of the other live variants simply because it offers guaranteed seats. This is possible because the game has all players starting with the same two cards.

It means that it’s very easy for a large number of players to all join the same game at any one time. The lack of wait time is one of the reasons this game has gained popularity since its release.

On top of that, there are some favourable blackjack rules too, such as the dealer having to stand on 17, which helps to give that lower house edge. Then there is a Six Card Charlie rule that can help you out in specific situations when playing. Better still, this is a low stakes table, so players on a budget can enjoy playing.

High RTP

Guaranteed seats

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How to play

When playing Infinite Blackjack it’s important to know some of the specific rules that are in place for this game. For starters, you are going to have the same starting hand as every other player. The game is also played with eight decks and the dealer will always stand on a 17.

There are a number of other rules to take into account when playing too, and some of these will be outlined in the strategy section as they can help you to get ahead. When playing you will, after the first two cards are dealt, be asked what you would like to do with the cards.

In Infinite Blackjack, it’s possible to split any initial cards of the same value, take insurance if the dealer shows an Ace and even place one of four different side bets. What’s also handy is that you get information about the playing decisions made by the other players.

Infinite Blackjack strategy

When it comes to any form of blackjack, there are a number of different strategies you can employ in order to try and get ahead. However, depending on the rules of the specific game you are playing, there may be different things you can do.

One of the delights of Infinite Blackjack is that it has a wide range of more uncommon rules in play. For instance, you can, and should, split any equal hands as this will give you two shots at winning. You can also take insurance at 2:1 if the dealer has an Ace.

The odds of winning at Infinite Blackjack

As a starting point, Infinite Blackjack has a truly excellent RTP sitting at a very respectable 99.47%. This means that you have a very good chance of actually getting some profit over time when you play.

The reason this RTP is so high is because Infinite Blackjack allows a number of different rules and betting options to be in play. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the game has four different side bets available – Hot 3, Bust It, 21+3 and Any Pair.

However, each of these different side bet options does come with its own RTP, which will vary depending on the game. However, the best thing in this game is Six Card Charlie. This option is when you collect six cards without going past 21.

If you manage this, you will always be the winner, even if the dealer has managed to get a hand of 21 and you have not.

Dictionary - get to know the lingo

When playing any version of blackjack, you need to learn all the different words associated with the game in order to be able to play properly. For instance, blackjack actually refers to a hand that’s valued at exactly 21 – it’s also the value you are aiming to get and not exceed when playing.

Once the first two cards have been dealt, players will have the chance to make a series of decisions on the actions they wish to take. For instance, hit means to take an additional card.

Bust is when the opening hand has already exceeded 21 and the bet is already lost. Stick is used when you choose to keep the hand you have without making any changes or requesting additional cards. Surrender is a bet you can opt for if you think you are going to lose to the dealer, you simple forfeit half of your bet.

Good to know - things to consider when playing Infinite Blackjack

As we have mentioned, one of the key features of Infinite Blackjack is that it offers you the chance to play the Six Card Charlie feature. This is a very uncommon feature in blackjack, and although rather hard to achieve, is nevertheless a fun addition to Infinite Blackjack. It’s also worth giving it a try.

Better yet, this isn’t a bet that you need to place. The Six Card Charlie feature is simply active at all times and will apply from the outset. So, if you find yourself with low cards, it can be worth hitting a few times to see if you can achieve this. It’s a good idea to have an idea of what the four side bets offer too.

Hot 3 pays out if your first two cards and the dealers face-up card are 19-21. 21+3 pays if the first three cards make a straight, flush or three of a kind. Any Pair pays if the first two cards in your hand are a pair. Finally, Bust It is a bet you can place on the dealer to bust.

Our thoughts about Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack follows the same general rules as most live blackjack versions. However, this game does have a number of additional features that help it stand out. One of these is the fact that you can always get a seat, which we really love.

If that wasn’t enough, this game offers some of the rarer blackjack rules and betting options making this a nice change from the norm. The Six Card Charlie rule is always in effect, so there’s no need to pay an extra bet to set it in motion. Instead, you can opt to pursue this if you feel the cards are swinging that way.

The addition of four side bet options also helps to make this a slightly more entertaining version of the game. To cap it all off though, Infinite Blackjack has a whopping 99.47% RTP, which is too good to pass up.